For over 20 years, PGi has given people the tools to meet, collaborate and innovate.  We design our conferencing tools to make collaboration easier. For us, it’s not only about the technology. It’s about the people using the technology.


Learn more about the PGi story from our CEO, Boland Jones.


PGi has been a leading global provider of collaboration software and services for over 20 years. PGi’s cloud-based software applications let business users connect, collaborate and share ideas and information from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, enabling greater productivity in the office or on the go.

+ In the last five years, PGi has hosted more than 1.1 billion people from 137 countries in over 250 million virtual meetings.

+ We empower over 45,000 enterprise customers,  including 75% of the Fortune 100™, with a collaborative advantage.

+ Our award-winning collaboration software and services are globally available and scalable for every business need.

At PGi, we like to say that we give people and the companies they work for a “Collaborative Advantage”.  Because we know that better collaboration leads to better results.


Vision: We provide collaboration solutions to the world for the shaping and advancement of ideas.

Mission: We are dedicated to bringing the best virtual collaboration experience to each and every business professional around the world through our product innovation, our global network and our extraordinary customer care.


Positivity: We value positive leadership and the commitment to inspire and empower those we interact with each day.

Responsibility: We value acting with integrity, personal accountability and a sense of urgency.

Humility: We value leading others with mutual respect, an open mind and an eagerness to learn.

Creativity: We value creativity and encourage a passionate spirit of innovation and a devotion to improving the status quo.

Sustainability: We value operating PGi to endure as a market leader, with a commitment to social responsibility, corporate philanthropy and individual volunteerism.





We believe it’s key to the health of our associates, our communities and our customers to be committed to giving back. Through volunteer opportunities, charitable giving and social outreach, we impact the communities we touch in positive ways.

We encourage our employees to volunteer however they see fit. As a company, we make a difference through our partnerships with many organizations including the ones listed below.