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Competitive Commissions and Customer Value

Offering superior meetings solutions truly sets you apart in today’s competitive marketplace and positions you to deepen customer relationships by improving their business performance. PGi’s online meeting solutions are truly a turn-key enhancement to your current product portfolio.

Generous Commissions

PGi has one of the best partner programs in the industry for a reason. We calculate your commissions precisely and deliver them promptly.

Enticing Incentives

Coupled with partner training, marketing resources and sales strategies, our incentives are specially designed to maximize your success.

Advanced Products

Satisfy the high demand for powerful and intuitive online meeting tools with ready-to-go products including iMeet® video conferencing and GlobalMeet audio and web conferencing.

Marketing Support

Work with an experienced PGi marketing team to develop successful lead generation, stimulation and agent incentive programs as well as dedicated training and onboarding support. 

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A simple and engaging online meeting space that combines the best of video conferencing, conference calling and social networking — all in one room.
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GlobalMeet supports all your meetings: One solution for audio conferencing and web meetings in the office or on the go.
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  • Expand your reach
  • Market to new and current customers
  • Compliment your existing product portfolio
  • Join a top-rated channel program
  • Receive unparalleled marketing support