The Future of Business Collaboration is Here, Say Experts in a New eBook

The future of business collaboration is upon us, according to experts in a new eBook.

Experts from the worlds of sales, social media, collaboration software, audio technology and mobility come together in the new eBook, The Future of Business Collaboration. The eBook, sponsored by virtual meetings expert PGi, discusses the five biggest collaboration trends facing businesses today. In the introductory chapter, Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Melanie Turek introduces these trends as follows:

  • Crowdsourcing leverages the power of the people to create and vet ideas by enabling interested parties to come together virtually to share what they know and weigh in on everything from new products and services to marketing plans and brand identity.
  • Consumerization of IT marks a clear shift in how technology develops and spreads: Today, employees identify and use new products and services in their personal lives and then look for ways to leverage that same technology in the workplace.
  • Mobility is the way business gets done, with everyone from senior executives to sales and support personnel to “office-locked” knowledge workers relying on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices to connect.
  • Social Media enables deeper relationships among far-flung employees, but it also allows remote workers to find information and expertise when they need it—regardless of where they or their colleagues are located.
  • Globalization is impacting every organization by extending not just reach into new customer bases and employee pools, but also redefining what it means to do business in this increasingly multicultural environment.

By embracing these trends—and the technology and processes that make them work—experts at Jive Software, Plantronics Developer Connection, BrandGlue, Worksnug and Jonathan Farrington & Associates predict that businesses will achieve huge gains: enhanced worker productivity and satisfaction, global talent acquisition, reduced IT costs, improved time-to-market, consumer brand loyalty and more.

Get the free eBook to learn more, including some eye-opening infographics that concisely back-up that future of collaboration will indeed be one that is global, mobile and social.