Whether you need to meet, host, train, sell or support,
PGi and Cisco WebEx integrate to create a better conferencing
solution. Collaborate more effectively with GlobalMeet Audio,
high-definition (HD) video, and real-time content sharing.

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The enterprise scalability of Cisco® WebEx® allows meeting organizers the ability to host small groups, create self-paced, recorded training sessions for up to 1,000 people or facilitate meeting events for up to 3,000 people.

WebEx® also offers a Training Center that lets you train employees, partners and customers with interactive online classrooms and hands-on lab sessions, as well as an Event Center where you can stage online events for large groups affordably.

Features at a Glance

  • Use multiple webcams at once with multiple users
  • Record your meetings and stream videos
  • Access everything from the cloud
  • Easily share documents and presentations
  • Choose optional password protection



Crystal-clear audio quality
Get a better conferencing experience with reliable, high-quality audio that makes meetings more productive and efficient.
Hybrid Audio
Mix dial-in, dial-out and VoIP calls in the same meeting, connecting participants from both inside and outside of the company's firewall.
Large meeting capacity
Deliver high quality, reliable audio on calls with up to 300 participants and no degradation due to increased meeting capacity.
Easy softphone installation
Organizations can choose to manually deploy the GlobalMeet softphone to their users or allow meeting participants to install it themselves.
Global Coverage
Connect meeting participants from across the world with more than 160 local access points.
Seamlessly integration
Meetings continue to be managed from the WebEx interface, requiring no additional training.
Enterprise-grade audio network
GlobalMeet Audio is a hybrid IP audio network that hosts more than 60 million meetings each year.
Reduced conferencing costs
A single per-minute VoIP rate available from any location in the world reduces reliance on costly PSTN connections.