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Work Safe

Whether you need to schedule a webcast or collaborate with others while working remotely, GlobalMeet® has you covered.

We're Committed to Helping You Connect

At PGi, our mission is simple: to help people connect. Now more than ever, as businesses manage through the coronavirus outbreak, staying connected is critical. Every day new requirements emerge to keep businesses running smoothly. We’re committed to making sure your people can work remotely, your leaders can communicate to large groups quickly and your company can convert in-person events to online webcasts. Even if you are already working remotely, PGi is on standby to deliver peace of mind with our unparalleled audio and web streaming network. We are ready to help, and we’ve added the necessary resources to our infrastructure and teams to ensure you will stay connected during this unprecedented time. To our valued customers, we’re here to help you every step of the way. If you’re not a PGi customer and need help or if you already have a solution in place, and simply want the peace of mind of a second source, please contact us to handle your webcast and audio events. And if you are looking for an audio or video collaboration tool, help yourself to a free GlobalMeet Collaboration license. No strings attached.

One Consistent Experience, One Reliable Communications Platform

Need a simple and reliable platform that does more? Meet GlobalMeet®, an all-in-one communications, events and online meeting software platform.

Online Meetings
& Collaboration

GlobalMeet elevates your audio, web and video collaboration capabilities to help increase your online meetings experience.

Streaming &
On-Demand Events

GlobalMeet provides industry-leading virtual event software solutions for webcasting, webinars and operator assisted events.

Cloud Voice
& UCaaS

With the ability to call from any device, communication has never been easier with GlobalMeet’s UCaaS capabilities.

The New Hustle. Phone. Video. Chat. Screen Share.

One platform to help you communicate, collaborate and hustle, all in the cloud.

GlobalMeet Gives You Reasons to Believe in Better Communications & Online Meeting Software

GlobalMeet helps businesses experience better engagement, more seamless collaboration and a better online meeting experience from anywhere, using any device.


Simple, Intuitive User Interface


Comprehensive Recording Capabilities


Easy-to-Use Mobile App


Detailed Analytics & Reporting


Unparalleled Security & Support


Integrations with Existing Software

Our Customers Love GlobalMeet

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21 Tips for Working
from Home

In a matter of  weeks, the world has changed with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak throwing every aspect of life into a state of chaos. Businesses and schools have closed, while conferences and travel have been canceled. Workers are quarantined to work from home, and there is no immediate end in sight. For workers who are quarantined and working remotely, here are 21 tips for working from home.

Webcasting for
Higher Education

While online learning and educational webcasts are not new concepts, it has not been widely accepted as the primary way to facilitate class. COVID-19 has changed that mentality for universities across the world. Learn how universities can safely continue classes online by converting large lecture halls to webcasts.

Over 46,000 Businesses Trust GlobalMeet for Online Meetings and Communication

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