Central Desktop a PGi company

Central Desktop by PGi

To learn more about the Central Desktop acquisition, read the press release from PGi.
About CentralDesktop.com

About Central Desktop

In October 2014, PGi acquired Central Desktop, Inc., a leading cloud-based team collaboration and project management platform for businesses. PGi welcomed Central Desktop into the iMeet® Portfolio of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) products through the launch of iMeet® Central in November 2015. The iMeet Central brand is being rolled out to former users of Central Desktop.

The cloud-based software serves as a centralized workspace that allows internal and external teams to manage, share and collaborate on files, automate workflows, review and approve projects and with the click of a button launch into an iMeet meeting. With robust reporting and administrative capabilities, the tool is easy-to-use and easy-to-implement without involving technical teams or IT resources.

With the acquisition of Central Desktop, PGi can provide a more comprehensive collaboration suite for the benefit of its customers. PGi recognizes the growing desire for all-in-one, consolidated collaboration offerings and is excited to use Central Desktop to bolster its suite of conferencing products and services.