Michael Dickerson

Michael W. Dickerson

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Michael Dickerson helps the world’s premier companies gain a collaborative advantage, serving as a trusted advisor across a broad range of software and solutions across the globe.

Dickerson innovated the way PGi, a global leader in collaboration and virtual meetings for over 20 years, services its largest customers, including 75% of the Fortune 100™. He oversees Strategy and Business Development for PGi, developing growth and distribution strategies for PGi’s integrated partners with a focus on newly emerging technology areas.

Dickerson’s history of entrepreneurship drives his innovative leadership at PGi. He started his first company while attending Stanford University, where he earned AB degrees in History and International Relations, as a well as an AM in International Policy Studies.

Alongside additional start-up ventures, he launched a telecom software company in 2002, with PGi among its customers. In 2006, he sold the company and joined PGi to lead its email marketing division, prior to its divesture. Dickerson also served as managing director of eHatchery, LLC, a venture capital firm and technology incubator that helped construct and grow small companies.