Soundpath Legal a PGi Company

Soundpath Legal — A PGi Company

About Soundpath Legal

PGi is proud to include Soundpath Legal, a leading provider of legal conferencing services, in its robust collaboration software and services portfolio. Soundpath Legal was created by lawyers who understand the pressing demands on time by those working in the legal profession. Soundpath Legal’s conferencing solution offers industry-leading conference security features, the most advanced fault-tolerant and redundant architecture and the highest level of security screening in the industry. Soundpath Legal is used by over 70% of the AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200.

Soundpath Legal is the only audio, video and web conferencing service designed specifically to meet the needs of law firms. Soundpath Legal offers a simple, reliable and secure audio and video meeting solution. It’s perfect for small and large meetings, can be used on any device and seamlessly captures billing costs.

Soundpath Legal is used by the largest legal firms in North America. The company offers the highest quality service for their important client calls, coupled with time–saving methods to reduce back-office expenses and increase bottom-line profitability. Soundpath Legal provides PGi with a deep understanding of the vibrant and growing legal industry.

To learn more about the Soundpath Legal acquisition, read the press release from PGi.