You Hosted a Virtual Event…What Now? Best Practices for Event Follow-up

Congrats! You just hosted an incredible virtual event. From the live engagement tools and audience participation feedback, you know attendees had a great time, learned a lot, and enjoyed their experience. However, what’s next? A holistic virtual event follow-up strategy …

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Top 5 Webcast and Virtual Event Trends for 2023

What to Expect from the Virtual Events Industry Post COVID-19

As event strategies become increasingly sophisticated, businesses are moving towards a world of holistic “event-led growth,” encompassing a multi-touch, immersive experience with their audiences throughout the entire buyer and customer journey. In 2022 alone, the events market saw 4% growth, …

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How the Tech Industry Can Benefit from Virtual Events

Whether you run a SaaS firm, provide comprehensive IT solutions to global companies, or develop the latest technology in any industry, you can benefit from webcasts to establish your company as an industry leader. Finding the right solution with the …

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How Video Makes Your Wealth Management Firm Stand Out

With 275,000+ financial advisors in the U.S., how are you differentiating your business from the rest? The wealth management market is vast, with leading industry players boasting over 50,000 individual financial advisors. In a sea of sameness, your financial advisors …

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5 Traits All Great Webcasts Have in Common

Whether you're presenting financial information at a shareholder’s meeting, spearheading a new product launch, or educating your customers on new product features, all great webcasts have a few elements in common. Incorporating these elements into your virtual and hybrid event …

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5 Advantages of Webcasts for Consultants

Investor Relations Events

If you’re a professional consultant in the field of business, investment, accounting, legal services, technology, or marketing, webcasts can help you reach your audience in an easy, compelling, and secure way. GlobalMeet Webcast is uniquely trusted by the world’s largest …

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3 Benefits of Transitioning to Virtual and Hybrid Events


Suddenly, overnight, every single in-person 2020 event had to go virtual. Now, two years later, virtual and hybrid events are the norm. Virtual events offer a ton of benefits to your business, like reduced costs, reduced payroll costs, increased efficiency, …

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How Virtual Event Analytics Drive Engagement and Opportunity

How to Craft High Impact Sales and Marketing Strategies via Webcast

During live events, it’s easier to gauge the audience’s excitement, engagement, and participation. With virtual events, it’s more of a challenge to feel that energy throughout the room, but with in-depth analytics, your team can learn how to drive even …

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4 Benefits of Virtual Events for Life Sciences Events

For innovative life sciences companies like pharmaceutical brands, hospitals, scientific research and development institutions, or medical device businesses, you want your events strategy to be as cutting-edge as your organization’s mission. As your team focuses on improving the quality of …

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Tips for Lead Generation for 2023 through Webcasting

Best Practices for Lead Generation for 2023 Through Webcasting

Heading into 2023, webcasting will be more relevant than ever for lead generation for brands in nearly every industry. But to make the most of your investment, you’ll want to follow best practices for your virtual event. So follow these …

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How the Right Technology Can Improve Investor Days, Earnings Calls, and Other Investor Relations Events

Managing Intellectual Property Securely in a Virtual World

As the pandemic forced companies into virtual meetings and remote work arrangements, more publicly owned companies are embracing virtual or hybrid formats for earnings calls, investor days, and other investor relations events. If you’ve heard the expression, “the medium is …

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4 Best Practices for Crisis Communications in 2023

Crises are a fact of life, and even with the most cautious execution, they will probably happen to your business someday. Whether it’s a negative press article, product recall, quality issue, financial loss, or a natural disaster, you should be …

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Maximizing Your Town Halls to Produce More Engaged Employees

company-wide webcast

Maybe you have virtual town halls quarterly, monthly, or even weekly to keep remote employees engaged and thriving. Workers report feeling more disconnected from workplaces now that many organizations are fully remote or hybrid; for example, new hires feel more …

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Tackling Investor Relations in a Hybrid or Remote World

Elevate Your Virtual Town Halls with the Right Technology

How are you handling sensitive investor relations in a hybrid or remote world? Historically, these conversations were often held in person due to the nature of the confidential information, sometimes sticky situations, and important relationship-building that was best facilitated face-to-face. …

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Amplifying Sustainability in Your Organization Through Webcasts and Hybrid Events

Are you looking for ways to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and improve sustainability and accessibility? Companies like yours are increasingly looking to webcasts and hybrid events to reduce their carbon footprint and make events accessible to more people by …

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Creating A Successful 2023 Sales Kickoff: Ideas + Tips

Upsizing Event Attendance: How to take a small, local in-person event and expand it to a larger audience as a hybrid event

Can you believe it’s time to think about 2023 sales kickoffs? It’s preparation time for 2023, and a premier event for any business is the annual sales kickoff. An ideal sales kickoff is a unique blend of celebration and planning, …

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How to Attract and Retain Talent with Video

what is voip

It’s no secret that recruitment and talent acquisition is tough in a competitive job market. Only 46% of HR professionals in the U.S. are prepared to adapt to a virtual recruiting and hiring process, and The Great Resignation has brought …

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3 Ways to Create Stellar Virtual Event Content

remote work

Preparing engaging content for your online event takes a lot of work. From preparing your presenters to crafting an agenda and timeline to ensuring speakers have the right materials, it’s a critical part of planning a successful webcast. A successful …

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How to Make Your Next Hybrid Event a Huge Success

Hosting a Virtual Summit

Are you considering making your next networking conference a hybrid event? A hybrid event is simply one that combines both an in-person and virtual experience. It is successful when both in-person and virtual attendees can experience the event together, participate …

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How to Cultivate High-Touch Virtual HR Events

Superior Webcasts and Video Conferences for Any Hybrid Work Model

More and more workers are operating remotely, and employees are increasingly becoming used to interacting over video. However, people-centered human resources events are tough to replicate in a virtual world. Technology glitches, awkward pauses, and two-dimensional events make it tough …

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