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Four Examples of Successful Online Events for Companies to Try

It’s time to embrace the new normal. Online events are no longer a “nice to have” option for businesses. They’re a necessity!

As in-person events slowly rebuild from the impact of COVID-19, companies can rely on online events to keep customers and fans engaged from afar.

Fortunately, virtual events and online meetings offer a flexible structure to accommodate a wide variety of event types. From small networking opportunities at the local level to massive, industry-wide conferences, companies can execute many online events with the right planning and resources to grow their business and drive leads.

Among the top online event types are:

1. HR Training

It is estimated that 25-30% of the workforce will continue working remotely through the end of 2021. With that said, companies still need to fill positions and onboard new employees.

Human resources departments are embracing online training events and tools as a new onboarding medium. From live streamed online training events to on-demand webcasts, these avenues help companies train new hires from anywhere in the world.

With thoroughly trained team members, companies can operate as usual without a break in business or lead generation tactics.

2. Networking Events

Remember the days of meeting in a hotel conference room or reserved area of a restaurant for a local networking event? Chances are, those aren’t coming back anytime soon thanks to the coronavirus.

However, to further their careers and build their networks, employees are turning to virtual networking events. Through chatrooms and breakout sessions via video conferencing tools, industry professionals can continue expanding their networks while maintaining social distancing protocols!

Companies can consider hosting a virtual networking event to identify potential B2B and B2C leads, too.

3. Industry Conferences

Major industry conferences are being canceled left and right, even through 2021. Fortunately, these same conferences are turning to webcast and video conferencing software to host an online event instead.

By hosting an industry conference online, businesses actively open their doors to more participants, including those who would not have originally attended due to location, travel, or the price tag. And, as more participants join, so do sponsors!

Excellent examples of successful online industry conferences include:

  • HR Virtual Summit hosted by Bamboo HR and Glassdoor
  • Adobe MAX
  • CES
  • Automated

4. Webinars for Lead Generation

Content marketing professionals have been using webinar content as a lead generation tool long before the stay-at-home orders were enacted.

Leads flock to webinars to learn more about a particular topic, tool, or strategy that can help them in their personal or professional lives. Webinars and webcasts allow leads to interact with the content as well, through interactive features such as a chatroom or poll.

Ready to host an online event? Be prepared with trustworthy webcasting and video conferencing tools like PGi’s GlobalMeet. Try it today!

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