On the Road Again: Tips and Tricks while Conferencing on the Road

All of us have at one point in our careers had to join a meeting while on the road. Whether it is en route to the airport or on the way to a doctor’s office, juggling phones and call-in numbers while conferencing can certainly be a challenge. We decided to ask some of PGi’s key customer “road warriors” what tricks and tips they had for joining a meeting and working productively when not in the office.

Here are some obvious and not so obvious tips:

Mute is king – Use hands free technology, make sure your battery is fully charged on your phone and computer, and have easy access to notes or resources you need for the call. But most importantly, have your hand ready on the mute button if background disturbances arise.

Autodial – Use the “autodial” feature so you can easily dial into a conference from your mobile phone. Fellow blogger Stacy Tenenbaum recently explained how to use this valuable feature.

Hibernate – Keep your computer in hibernate when not in use. This way you can quickly turn on your computer when you need to.

Do not disturb – Put the “do not disturb” sign on the door when attending or hosting a call in a hotel room.

Keep a record – Never take notes while driving, instead record your calls by pressing *22 so you can go back and capture important elements of the conference.

Login early – Login to a web conference early. This way you can troubleshoot should you have any connectivity issues and upload documents to prior to web conferences.

Full disclosure – Provide full disclosure that you are on the road. This will set the expectation that something unexpected may happen and allow you to RELAX!!


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