Basic Blunders in Audio Assisted Conferencing – When it’s Time to Sweat the Small Stuff

It’s time for your quarterly earnings release. You have sweated through preparing your presentation, editing, reviewing, practicing … and practicing again. You finally feel comfortable with your message, but in all your preparation, have you sweated the right stuff?
I contacted the Service Quality Team at Premiere Global, and here’s what they say are the easiest yet biggest blunders speakers make that often have the biggest impact on their Operator-assisted call:

Not identifying yourself as a speaker when you dial in. If the Operator is unaware you are a speaker on the call, you’ll be placed in the main conference with a closed line. It’s likely that you will not be able to speak when it’s your time, or your conference will be delayed while the Operator searches for your name amongst all your participants.

Calling in at scheduled start time. We know you’re busy, but if you don’t dial in a few minutes early, the Operator can’t conduct a sound check or go over all the call details, such as Q&A prioritization or proper pronunciation of all your speakers’ names.

Not distributing the confirmation code. PGi is committed to protecting the privacy of every client we serve. Without a confirmation code, your participants will likely be asked for additional pieces of information to ensure we’re placing them in the correct call. Having the confirmation code helps facilitate their access into your call.

So the next time you host an Operator-assisted conferencing event, don’t forget to sweat the small stuff. It is often the difference between a successful call and an apology to your participants. For more tips on hosting conferencing events, please go to PGiSupport at

About Trisha Zimmerman

Trish Zimmerman, Senior Communications Manager, with more than 12 years experience. In addition to communicating with our employees and clients, I use surveys to gather information from our clients about their own conferencing experiences. With our their feedback, I work with our Service Quality Department to help Moderators use conferencing more effectively. To talk about your own experiences and how you can enhance your communications, please contact me at [email protected]

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