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Business today is more global than ever. The near-universal adoption of broadband Internet and mobile computing technologies over the past decade has created a worldwide marketplace for goods and services. Business competition is no longer confined to geographic boundaries; rather, businesses compete on a level, global playing field for customers and across every stage of the supply chain. Against this globally competitive backdrop, companies are searching for new ways to accelerate and improve their daily business processes in order to remain competitive.

Business collaboration is no longer confined to common peer levels or within functional or departmental silos. Today’s global business is defined by cross-functional, cross-hierarchical collaboration at all levels within the organization, with the goal of advancing and acceleration idea creation and, ultimately, business success.

PGi provides collaboration solutions to the world for the shaping and advancement of ideas. We are dedicated to bring the best virtual collaboration experience to each and every business professional around the world through our product innovation, our global network and our extraordinary customer care. By helping connect the over 600 million information workers worldwide across business lines and geographic boundaries—thus harnessing the collective intelligence and creativity of this community—companies are amplifying their potential and unlocking value in their business.

We are the Meetings Experts. We have been in a global leader in the innovation and application of collaboration technologies for over 20 years. We offer a full suite of cloud-based software applications that enable all forms of business collaboration—from one-on-one video chats to town hall meetings—in the office or on the go. Our customer base includes over one million users, 35,000 businesses and 75% of the Fortune 100. This year, PGi will host over 50 million audio, video and web-based virtual meetings, with nearly a quarter-billion participants world-wide.

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