My 2010 Meeting Resolutions: Taking a Tip from Google

If you think you have a lot of meetings, talk to Google VP of Search Products, Marissa Mayer. She’s in over 70 meeting every week. Yet, she credits her meeting structure for leading to some of Google’s most innovative ideas.

In a recent BusinessWeek article (“How to run a meeting like Google”), Mayer lists her six steps to running successful meetings:

1. Set a firm agenda
2. Take notes
3. Carve out micro-meetings
4. Hold office hours (me: great idea for hard to reach executives)
5. Discourage politics, use data
6. Stick to the clock

Some great tips to be sure, and they made me think about my own meetings and how I can improve them.

So here are my 2010 meeting resolutions:

1. Get online. From literally getting everyone on the same page to seeing the faces of my colleagues and clients as if I was in the same room with them, web and video add so much to my meetings.

2. Meet with purpose. To Mayer’s point, meeting without an agenda usually leads to people sitting around complaining about things that bother them.

3. Energize my connections. After all, if I’m not interested why should anyone else be.

How will you make your meetings better this year?


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