Stop Speaking in the Dark

As a work-at-home employee, I’m constantly using conference calls to stay connected. While I love the tool, I sometimes feel like I’m speaking in the dark. Too often I find myself asking the person I’m meeting with to describe what they’re seeing or emailing screen shots back and forth. What a waste of time! With all the time spent trying to figure out who’s looking where, I could just share my desktop or the document we’re working on.

For 2010, my meetings resolution is to make my meetings more engaging by adding a visual element. For web conferencing, I like our Netspoke product. It’s easy to use and available on the fly. By simply sharing a web link with my meeting attendees, I can show Power Point decks, documents or my entire desktop. I can also interact with participants through polling and mood indicators.

With travel becoming increasingly expensive and burdensome, more people are opting for teleconferences to host their meetings. While there are many advantages to conferencing, relying on voice alone can drain the energy out of a meeting. The next time you need a little extra help keeping your attendees interested, try web conferencing.

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About Trisha Zimmerman

Trish Zimmerman, Senior Communications Manager, with more than 12 years experience. In addition to communicating with our employees and clients, I use surveys to gather information from our clients about their own conferencing experiences. With our their feedback, I work with our Service Quality Department to help Moderators use conferencing more effectively. To talk about your own experiences and how you can enhance your communications, please contact me at [email protected]

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