The New Meeter: One Month Later, One Month Wiser?

After a month on the job, I have almost completely adapted to working remotely. Whether I’m on campus or at home, at my desk or on my back porch, I’m just a couple clicks away from the rest of my team. I love the convenience of dialing a ten-digit number and connecting with people across the country, and as long as I can seclude myself and escape from my roommate’s jittery terrier, it hardly matters where I am.

Now that I’ve experienced the ease of telecommuting, which, by the way, is my new favorite word, I am shocked that more businesses aren’t utilizing the available technology to their full advantage.Meetings and collaboration are easier than ever before. It’s also easy to add a visual element with the use of products like Netspoke where I can view the slides or the desktop of the presenter on my computer from anywhere in the world.
The other benefits of telecommuting are numerous. It saves the employee time, money and gas. No more bumper-to-bumper for you. Not to mention indirectly helping that thing we call the environment. The hours are more flexible, which is great when working for a global company that spans multiple time zones. Who decided 8 am to 5 pm, anyway? It also can save companies money in rent and staffing.
I understand that the brick-and-mortar way of doing business will probably never disappear, and I wouldn’t want that. Humans are, above all, social beings and need face-to-face interaction. Many times it’s necessary to be in the same building to get the job done. But for the majority of Americans who drive to work and stare at a computer all day, telecommuting might be an enticing opportunity.


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