5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Meeting Provider

The web meeting (aka web conferencing) market has continued to experience 25% plus growth over the past year despite the global recession. More and more people are turning to virtual meetings to cut costs, increase efficiency, and enhance productivity.

With demand comes supply, and a flurry of new providers have appeared on the horizon. So when it’s time to choose the right tool for your business, how do you ensure a proper fit?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do they provide just technology, or do they help me have better meetings?
Just because you have the right technology doesn’t necessarily mean your meetings will be any better. Look for a provider who can provide expertise like how to set agendas, meet remotely, or how to avoid embarrassing meeting moments – knowledge that helps you have fewer, better meetings.

2. Does the meeting provider serve businesses like mine?
Conferencing solutions come in all shapes and sizes, from a few people chatting on the phone to sharing documents online to immersive collaboration environments. Ensuring the provider serves businesses of the same size or in the same industry gives you confidence they have the relevant experience you’re looking for.

3. Is their solution reliable?
Nothing kills a remote meeting like poor sound quality, clunky interfaces, or lack of compatibility (required plug ins, browser limitations, etc.) The technology you use reflects on you and your business, so be sure to validate potential tools with trials or through peer reviews.

4. Do they provide choice?
While most meeting technology is very similar, subtle features or accessories can make a big difference. Mobile apps, required Flash/Java downloads, and whether or not you have administrative rights to install new tools on your computer are just examples. Consider a provider that can offer multiple brands and make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

5. Are they always accessible?
Nothing is perfect, but when something does go wrong it’s important you have access to support quickly before the meeting falls apart. This is especially important for sales presentations or investor calls. Look for a provider who gives you several ways to get help. For example, www.pgibettermeetings.com provides access through email, phone, and live chat.

If you’re struggling finding a provider, visit www.pgi.com and chat with one of our own meeting experts.

Happy Shopping!


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