More on Face To Face: Making Social Local

PGi recently sponsored several events during South by Southwest in Austin, TX, aka SXSW. PGi CMO Jackie Yeaney wrote about her experience on the Fast Company website, in the blog Making Social Local at SXSW.

Notable quote from Jackie: “Truth is, even though the typical SXSW attendee loves meeting in the social space, they can’t escape the fact that humans need to connect in the real world.”

Jackie Yeaney (far right) with local Austin “digerati” at SXSW

In my recent blog Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Face to Face Meetings, I said that meeting in person will never go out of style. What I realized from Jackie’s article, along with my own experiences in social media and with collaboration technology, is that these products can make my face to face meetings better. How? By keeping the personal connection alive. And that is a big advantage of virtual meetings. Of course, the main goal is to get work done, but they also help you maintain those personal connections that live in the offline world.




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