Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Face to Face Meetings (Say What?)

Yes, I work for a company that sells technology that allows people to skip face to face meetings. Products like web conferencing and the mundane conference call are amazing tools to help get things done. But I’ll always give a big thumbs up to face to face meetings.

In the era of Twitter, Facebook updates, and email dependence, even picking up the phone may seem outdated. But the current environment actually makes those face to face meetings more meaningful, as discussed in a recent article on Web Worker Daily called Why Face to Face Meetings Still Matter.

For the average information worker, web conferencing can help bridge the gap between the faceless conference call by adding interaction, a visual component, and even a face via webcam. For me, it’s a critical part of my toolset in getting my job done. But there are always time when I want to talk to someone directly, and feel it’s worth it to walk down the hall or even get on a plane.

As a meeting expert, I know there are times to rely on technology, and times to look someone in the eye.


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