Tips For The Overbooked Soul

Sound familiar?

The Overbooked: Doesn’t know how to say no to a meeting invite so they attend them all. And are late to them all! The Overbooked generally greets team gatherings with “Sorry, I had a meeting that ran late…””

Are you an Overbooked Soul? Keep your priorities list right in front of you, every day. Before you accept a meeting, answer these questions:

– Is this meeting in line with my priorities?
– Does attending this meeting advance the project?
– Do I understand why I was asked to participate, and am I the right person to represent at this time?

If you can answer all three questions YES, then that’ a clear “accept”.

If you are answering yes to every meeting anyway, perhaps it’s time to revisit your priorities – you’ve clearly got a lot going on and might be running the risk of spreading yourself too thin.

In regards to perpetually running late, try these meeting tips:
– Schedule meetings with a 10 minute break in between.
– Block off 15-30 minutes at the end of meetings where you think you’ll go over so you don’t get overbooked.
– With 15 minutes left in a meeting, make a point to be a Timekeeper and let people know that you have another meeting to attend.

There you have it – some tips for you, Overbooked Soul, to manage your calendar a little more effectively. Remember, every minute is precious!

Have more tips for the Overbooked? Post them here!


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