Anatomy of a Successful Meeting – Part One: Planning

Every year, PGi hosts 40 million meetings. Multiply that by the average time it takes to convene, and that’s a lot of time spent in meetings! So, how do we make the best use of that time to make sure our meetings are as productive as possible? According to an article from Ad Age, the majority of meetings could be done in 20 minutes. While that may not seem like much time to accomplish everything, there are several ways to make sure you’re making the most of your meeting.

Melba Wallace, an Implementation Change Manager at PGi, has worked in customer-facing positions for 19 years and has gained plenty of meeting experience. She knows what it takes to run a meeting efficiently.

Good meetings can be broken down into three parts: planning, meeting and follow-up.

Planning:According to Melba, the key to a successful meeting is deciding beforehand exactly what needs to be accomplished.

  • Before each meeting, write an agenda and decide which items need to be solved. These are your action items.
  • If it’s possible, set a schedule of time for each item to be discussed. It can be in the agenda for everyone to see, or you can keep it to yourself, but make sure you follow your time constraints throughout the meeting to keep it moving.
  • Send the agenda and supporting documents for the attendees to look over before the meeting.
  • One way to save everyone time is to trim down the attendee list. Only invite the people who really need to be there.

Adequate planning will ensure that you maximize your productivity and efficiency during each meeting.


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