Hi Boss- A Gigantic Plume of Volcanic Ash Is Preventing Me From Attending Your Important Meeting

We all plan as much as much as we can. But sometimes, things simply happen that are out of our control. For example, the volcanic eruption in Iceland continues to ground hundreds of flights and strand thousands of passengers. According to CNN, Why Planes Should Stay Grounded, the disruption in air travel may continue for several days or even weeks more.

For many workers, the travel mess can’t stop critical business from getting done. Web conferencing tools can serve to bridge the gap when an unexpected event of any kind prevents you from being there in person. Traval disruption due to volcanic ash is an event which doesn’t occur very often, but personal commitments, budget reductions, or health issues (ever try to fly cross country with a broken tailbone?) are much more common.

Don’t wait for the next volcanic eruption to learn to use web meetings. They can make you more productive right away, and you’ll be ready to deal with those unexpected travel disruptions.

Houston, we have a problem….


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