Yes, I Talk To Myself: Making Good Use of the Habit for Meetings

Okay, I’ll admit it: I talk to myself. It helps me flesh out ideas, focus on the task at hand, and, well- I find myself quite interesting, thank you. My mother does it too, so I’ll blame it on genetics.

In an article in the NY Times called Thinking Out Loud, GA Tech psychology professor Randy Engle says the behavior is widespread. He also points out that talking to one’s self can help someone understand complex information.

So how does this relate to work and meetings? Like many knowledge workers, my days can fill up with back-to-back meetings; it can be hard to find time to get other tasks completed. By blocking off time in my Outlook calendar just for myself, I am proactively allotting time to get work done that requires concentration and a decent chunk of time to complete. It’s the meeting version of talking to yourself – and I find it can help me get more done in a timely manner.

Give it a try- and don’t worry if you find that you talk to yourself during these “one on self” meetings. Not only is it totally normal, it may even be a sign of brilliance. Just ask my mom.


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