Reasons to Work from Anywhere: Because the World Cup is on and it is only once every 4 years

EDITORIAL NOTE: Coming to an office is important, but sometimes telecommuting gives you that extra “quietness” to be productive or the flexibility to meet deadlines without wasting time sitting in traffic. Here are some reasons why the PGi Blog Team thinks the ability to work from anywhere is crucial in today’s world!

Last time I checked, I was a card carrying member of the world. So maybe my 6 year old stepson made me my WMC (world membership card), I think I can validly say I am a part of this world. Therefore, I take it as my civic duty to be fully versed on the biggest sporting event our world participates in: The World Cup. It doesn’t hurt that I played soccer my whole life, am a pretty avid soccer fan and have a true passion for the sport. But yeah, I get pretty excited about the WC tournament. I mean it is only every 4 years!

World Cup season is the only time I can actually have water cooler conversations with my American coworkers about soccer. I can go on and on about my favorite players and not just get blank stares or disinterested looks. I admit, the US and its sports fans still have a long way to go before it fully understands or participates in the World Cup, but every World Cup that passes my optimism grows along with my network of soccer fans. I can only dream that one day, the American masses will “get” what the rest of the world does when it comes to this sport. But today, my office stays open during the games so I will have to watch anyway I can. I know I can’t each day watch all three of the daily games, but since my place of employment is progressive enough to promote green working and support a positive work life balance, I have the flexibility to work from home when the big games are on. At least for the next two weeks, I will cling to my mute button so as not to disrupt my virtual meetings with any unexpected expletives: “Goooooooaaaaaalllll!”


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