Reasons to Work from Anywhere: Got to Get the Kids to Summer Camp!

EDITORIAL NOTE: Coming to an office is important, but sometimes telecommuting gives you that extra “quietness” to be productive or the flexibility to meet deadlines without wasting time sitting in traffic. Here are some reasons why the PGi Blog Team thinks the ability to work from anywhere is crucial in today’s world!

Summer‚ it’s a time to relax, enjoy the pleasant weather, sit on the deck with a cold one and listen to nature. Well, maybe on TV or in the movies. For me, summer is a time of constant motion as I shuttle my children from one location to another. As it turns out, summer is more stressful for working parents with young school-aged children than the rest of year. Trying to find suitable activities and child care for the summer break can be a job unto itself. My husband and I usually opt for a combination of camp and grandparents to get us through the summer months.

With the kids at summer camp, not only are there ubiquitous forms to complete, large checks to sign and endless supplies to buy, but there are the hours spent in the car as I drive each person to the place they need to be that day. Luckily, I can rely on my laptop, phone and tools like audio and web conferencing to stay connected to the office, even while I’m in traffic or the carpool line at camp. The ability to work from anywhere eases the stress of summertime because I can do my job and still be a good mom. And perhaps as summer winds down and school resumes again, I’ll have an opportunity to work from home, and finally get the chance to enjoy that deck, even if it’s with my laptop and phone, instead of a cold one.


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