Reasons to work from anywhere: Because I am pregnant

The light ahead is fast approaching. I am in my last two months of my first pregnancy and let’s just say I have learned A LOT on the way. In the beginning, most of the other moms I talked to went on and on about how wonderful it feels to be pregnant. The reality is that it is not all basking in the “glow” of being with child. Dealing with the extra pounds, queasiness, discomfort, hunger, and breathlessness can make maintaining a normal work schedule a challenge. Oh and did I mention it is one of the hottest summers I can remember in Atlanta? Or at least it seems like it. Anyhow, I honestly feel like telecommuting and virtual conferencing technologies have saved me this summer. Here are just a few of the reasons why I love being able to work from anywhere:

1 – Heat. Avoiding my commute means I don’t have to arrive at work drenched in sweat from sitting in Atlanta traffic. Not a pretty sight.

2 – Sleep. I get that much needed extra half hour of sleep when I work from home as I don’t have to figure out which of my clothes still fit, are appropriate for the office, and won’t make me completely uncomfortable after sitting in an upright office chair for 8+ hours.

3 – Food. Telecommuting means I have access to my fully stocked pantry and fridge. Enough said.

4 – Sitting options. Sitting in an office chair isn’t always the best when you have something pressing or punching your lungs and bladder pretty regularly. At home, I have the option of taking my conference calls propped up in bed if that is most comfortable.

5 – Work Anytime. I can work at all hours of the day. One thing no one told me was that pregnant ladies can’t sleep. So I take advantage of my 3am wake ups by getting caught up on email and getting ready for the next work day.


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