Why I need to work from anywhere: Because I am visiting the In-laws

EDITORIAL NOTE: Coming to an office is important, but sometimes telecommuting gives you that extra “quietness” to be productive or the flexibility to meet deadlines without wasting time sitting in traffic. Here are some reasons why the PGi Blog Team thinks the ability to work from anywhere is crucial in today’s world!

Ok for the record, I love my in-laws. They are great and I really do love to visit them. But the problem… They live in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. To get there equates to either a 12 hour drive from Atlanta, or a flight to a teeny weensy airport with 2 terminals and a 2 hour drive from there. Not that any of this matters. I only get to see my in-laws once or twice a year so it is worth it. But is it worth using a week of vacation when, let’s face it, there is nothing really to do but hang out in the house and visit? I am thinking not. This year I plan to take my work with me and work during the day. My two cents: I think this actually will strengthen my relationship with my in-laws as I will be ready for some human interaction after a day of virtual meetings. They will have my eager and undivided attention. Heck, one could even say having the technology to take my meetings on the road may actually enhance my relationship with my in-laws. How is that for a fringe benefit to virtual meetings?


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