In Plain English: Global Conference Calling Explained

Global conference calling sounds great, and it’s a term you hear often. But what exactly does it mean, anyway? In the USA and Canada, most of us are quite familiar with the regular old conference call- dial a toll or toll free number, enter a passcode, and you’re “good to go.”

When it comes time for someone outside North America to join a conference call, there are several options:

US Toll The global attendee can call the US toll number to join the call. While a common practice, it can be expensive for the caller- especially if he or she is on a mobile phone.

International Dial Out The host of the call can use a feature called “dial out” to call global callers directly at any international number. An advantage of this method is that the host incurs the cost of the call; the global participant just answers the phone.

Local Access Numbers This feature continues to grow exponentially as a cost effective way for participants from all over the world to join calls. Instead of dialing a US Toll number, the participant dials a “local” number to join the call, just like they were dialing a friend across town. Local toll free numbers are often also available. PGi currently offers local access numbers in over 100 places around the world.

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