To Go Green, the U.S. Government Will Expand Use of Web Conferencing

In a July 26th article about teleworking on, it was noted that the U.S. government was pledging to cut green house gas emission caused by their workers by 13% before the end of 2020. A couple methods they plan to use is encouraging workers to telework more and taking advantage of online meeting technologies. Tim Kauffman states that “to curb those emissions, agencies will need to expand the use of Web-based video conferences,” along with other tactics.

Not that the federal government always gets it right, I believe this is an opportunity for them to gain efficiencies similar to the way businesses are achieving efficiencies now. With the right meeting software, they could minimize greenhouse gas emissions and improve productivity of workers. When I work from home, I save almost an hour in the car and another hour in personal preparation time. That time is usually used to work longer and get a jump start on my day’s activities.

Imagine how much more effective our government could be with the use of online meetings. No, seriously. Think about it. They can help save the planet and taxpayer dollars with increased productivity and efficiency. Some of you may say I am dreaming, but I can hope, can’t I? Either way, online meetings likely figure prominently in the equation for cutting greenhouse emissions. Maybe some other advantages will come along with it as well.


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