Dog Bless You: Leading with Compassion at SXSW 2011

When the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan last week, the country’s devastation instantly vaulted to the forefront of Austin’s SXSW interactive conference. Developers, bloggers, tech gurus and philanthropists all united to spread the word and their generosity to aid Japan during this time of need.

Sean O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Communications at PGi had the opportunity to interview Charlie Annenberg-Weingarten, founder of and, philanthropic organizations created to showcase the positive works of non-profits around the world through documentary films and photography. During SXSW, Charlie and his dog Lucky (a former search rescue dog) launched a historic call to action: $100,000 dollars. 100,000 fans. 10 days. Through the collaboration and open hearts of many and the power of social media, this goal was accomplished in just two short days. The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is now in Japan for their search and rescue mission and we wish them success and safety in their journey.

Watch the video below to learn about Charlie’s and Lucky’s mission to help others, champion the selfless acts of others, create a portal into the soul of humanity, and to inspire lifelong learning.

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