Exploring the World with iMeet

After our “One World, One Room” meeting, the PGi team felt exhilarated. The very fact that we had shared in the experience of connecting colleagues, coworkers and friends all around the world, representing every continent, left us thrilled. We felt like explorers spreading the power of iMeet.

And news travels fast. The iMeet experience has now reached reviewer Aliza Sherman of Gigaom. Her perspective on iMeet was especially valuable as she truly understands the importance of virtual conferencing as a resident of Alaska. That’s right‚ Alaska. In a state that is isolated both geographically and often climatically, Sherman thoroughly recognizes how iMeet solves numerous business problems and connects individuals intuitively as well as broadens reach through social media channels.

As evaluated by Sherman, iMeet allows for collaboration and productive team experiences within a virtual meeting room, dissolving physical boundaries. Additionally, it provides multiple ways for the participants in a virtual meeting to get to know each other, including bios and social links, thus removing those boundaries as well. By erasing both physical and social/psychological barriers, iMeet helps us explore new worlds‚ wherever we are meeting, whether it’s in the next office, next state, or across the world.

Have you tried iMeet yet?

To read the full product review, visit Gigaom or the New York Times.


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