Not Your Average Conference Call

It goes without saying at PGi we host a lot of meetings. A. Lot. Of. Meetings. In fact, we’ve been the technology behind nearly half a billion meetings in the last five years.

The fearless blog team, which includes some superstars in our Care organization, started talking about some of the wacky calls that have taken place over the years. What you will find below are two special examples of real life anecdotes from our event managers and operators on the front lines. Of course we have changed the names to protect the innocent – at PGi, security and privacy are things we take very seriously.

Radio tours. Radio, what? Radio stations book celeb guests to talk about their latest movie, TV show, scandal, reality show. Celeb publicists organize the calls with the radio producers and on-air talent. Did you think that your local morning show just called Kim Kardashian’s cell phone? Uh, no. PGi’s secure conference call technology provides the forum for these calls. And you can bet that many a publicist knows how to mute or even disconnect a call if needed. Need to mute or disconnect your own calls? See a list of features here.

Pre-game & post-game calls. For those of us with SportsCenter on a constant loop at home, this one may be no surprise. Before that big football game or basketball tournament, many college athletic departments set up pre-game conference calls for coaches or star players to answer questions about that big game. Now the post-game press conference is always in person – reporters have assembled to watch the game and are present to ask the questions. But a few days prior to the game, that press conference often takes place remotely.

Share your stories below about how you have used a conference call in a unique way.


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