Carbon Footprint Series Part 1: Impact on Driving

Concerns over the environment and the impact human beings have on it—individually and as businesses—grow steadily and have become increasingly complex. It often seems that the more information we have on environmental issues, the less we understand them. Each environmental demand put on the planet is measured in terms of its carbon footprint, defined by the UK Carbon Trust as “the total set of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.” By knowing the amount of GHG emissions you contribute to the environment, you can begin creating a strategy to reduce it. Here are just a few ways you can improve the environment with conscious choices:

Even if you can’t work from home on a daily basis, each day you can reduces negative impact on the environment. Laptops, smart phones, VPN access and video or web conferencing products enable virtually seamless communication solutions to employees who telecommute.

Alternative transportation
Public transportation and carpooling are popular options for offsetting carbon emissions and many cites also provide car sharing programs, a creative choice for those who do not own a car but require occasional transportation.

Hybrid vehicles and fuel-efficient cars
Hybrid vehicles and other environment-friendly fuel sources abound, but if you aren’t sold on the idea, consider a fuel-efficient used car. Due to the carbon emissions created during the manufacture of new vehicles, a used car with good gas mileage is preferable to new purchases.

Driving smarter
Regardless of your vehicle type, there are simple ways to optimize its impact on the environment such as avoiding sudden acceleration and braking, driving the speed limit, avoiding extended idling periods, and turning off the air conditioner.

Consumers’ awareness of and responsibility to environmental issues continues to grow, and PGi steadfastly upholds and promotes these values. As we explore these issues further, be sure to look for part two in our carbon footprint series (coming soon) discussing the impact of air travel on the environment. For now, how do you reduce your impact on the environment through your ground transportation choices? Please share your tips and lessons you’ve learned.

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