Creating Business Efficiency with Green Practices

If you find yourself wanting to go “green” within your organization but ask if it costs more money than it saves, you aren’t alone. Many companies struggle with the practical implementation of environmentally conscious choices, even when the desire exists. To spend, we must defend, as my own mentors wisely guide me. When companies can tie increased efficiency to business practices that are also environmentally sustainable, the choices are not only easier to defend but easier to put into place.

Online communities

Many companies struggle with information silos and the ineffectiveness they create in overall workflow systems. When employees leave an organization or transition to new roles, they sometimes create a vacuum in their wake. Building an online community to create and share documents rather than compartmentalizing brain trusts throughout your organization can alleviate many of these challenges.

Not only do online communities encourage document and information sharing, they keep large email attachments out of servers and encourage IT efficiency as well. An online community can also build relationships and support interactions among employees who might not normally communicate across traditional channels or geographic boundaries.

Online marketing

With most companies using some form of online marketing, these tools provide interactive and immediate opportunities for businesses to create relationships with customers. Time-to-market decreases dramatically when compared with traditional tools, and ROI can be tracked almost instantly, especially when customers opt-in to your communications. Online marketing—including product-focused emails, informational enewsletters, banner ads and a wealth of other options—can provide organizations actionable, measurable results that are also friendly to the environment. Be sure to maximize your current efforts as well as explore new options.

Web and video conferencing

Implementing web and video conferencing solutions as a regular practice—both to limit business travel and encourage telecommuting—is a terrific way to slash travel budget costs as well as carbon emissions. These tools help employees drive and fly less while unifying communications with both clients and staff.

As you review your business practices for greater efficiency and think about ways your business can improve the bottom line, be sure to remember that a progressive, greener vision can also be a cost-effective part of your overall business strategy.

What steps do you take as a business to maximize efficiency with sustainable practices in mind, either big or small?


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