iMeet Debuts at the Minnesota Twins No-Hitter

iMeet is now part of baseball history.

Now starting directly behind home plate for six games at the U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago is our very own all-star iMeet. Approximately 160,000 fans and over seven million homes saw our banner iMeet ad over six games beginning May 3rd.

As Minnesota Twins pitcher Francisco Liriano threw the first no-hitter of 2011 against the Chicago White Sox, the iMeet ad ran live and on the highlight reels of ESPN, MLB Tonight, streaming web video, and local news all across the country.

Would you like to catch the excitement of the no-hitter? Just click the link below and track to minute four (eighth inning) in the video to see our iMeet ad in action:

Minnesota Twins MLB No Hitter with iMeet Ad

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