iMeet Hanging at the ‘Most Creative People in Business’ Event

Some of the PGi and iMeet team were fortunate enough to be present at Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business event which was – frankly – amazing and inspiring. And fodder for this blog. Here is my recap:

You should be following @baratunde. Follow him now. He is funny. And serious. And seriously funny. And he used the world mocial = mobile + social. I like people who make up words.

This was the best ensemble at the event. But then again, the elegant woman sporting these duds is a famous Chinese designer and number #6 on the FC list.

Cookies are the new cupcakes. Mmm…iMeet cookies.

#39 was a no show which is totally her loss. What am I going to do with the bag of maternity clothes I brought to NYC to give her? And how am I going to get that copy of Bossypants autographed?

Loved the comments from Sam Kass who noted that obesity is becoming a threat to national security when men and women in America are physically not able to pass the fitness components of basic training.

Lots of businesses creatively approaching capitalism with a social good in mind and/or a sustainable point of view.

Check out the full Most Creative People in Business list.¬†We loved that iMeet was able to participate in this event which brought together an awesome group of creative people. But then again, the iMeet product gets to bring creative people together every day! If you haven’t gone online to register for your iMeet room, check us out:


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