Like Father’s Day, Like Son … How I’ll Be Using Video Conferencing In A New Way This Weekend

Sometimes I’m so passionate about the value iMeet brings to companies that I don’t get a chance to reflect on how valuable it has become in my personal life.

On May 24th of this year, my son was born, and it was the best day of my life. Chase James McCormick. I have always been told that having a child would change my life, but it didn’t sink in until I saw the little guy.

Unfortunately, my wife’s family lives in Southern California, so they couldn’t be with us in Atlanta on the big day. But in comes iMeet to the rescue. I set up my laptop next to the hospital bed, and the next thing you know, our entire family is in my room seeing Chase for the very first time. It was such a special moment for my wife and our family.

Over the next several days, all of Chase’s grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends jumped in and out of my iMeet room to see the newest member of our family. We’ve been home from the hospital for a while, but we still get multiple requests to meet up in iMeet every week.

Needless to say, iMeet has become an integral part of our family’s personal life.

This weekend marks my first Father’s Day as a Dad, and I couldn’t be more excited. Can you guess how Chase and I will be saying “Happy Father’s Day” to our relatives on June 19?

Happy Fathers Day!


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