Coworking Space Finds Relationship Solution in iMeet

Video conferencing technology allows people from all industries to connect with customers and clients, regardless of geography. PGi’s virtual meeting solution, iMeet, both simplifies and augments the video conferencing experience through a streamlined interface. iMeet’s versatility and diverse business applications made it the ideal choice for our new partner, thinkspace. A small innovative company, thinkspace provides coworking spaces for freelancers, startups, and microbusinesses, thus relieving them of unwieldy overhead costs. Recognized as the “Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction” in the US for three years in a row, thinkspace is also a certified LEED space, which means their clients not only experience all the benefits of working in a green office environment, they can promote their eco-friendliness to their own customers.

If one were to consider their business model in Web 2.0 terms, thinkspace might be described as an “office space mashup” of shared office space, meeting rooms, virtual offices, and coworking space. Freed from the isolation individual workers often feel, entrepreneurs and freelancers can maintain a small footprint while networking with like-minded people in a natural creative space that is both sustainable and collaborative.

After seeing iMeet in action, thinkspace knew it was a perfect complement for their virtual and green environment model.  Because the thinkspace staff provides highly professional virtual receptionist services for their clients, they recognized that integrating video conferencing and a virtual meeting room offered exceptional benefits. iMeet’s video quality and ease of access provided them with support for independent professionals with a “white glove virtual reception service.” By incorporating video conferencing technology with the personalization of social media built into iMeet, thinkspace can offer their clients a higher level of personalized professionalism along with an incomparable level of commitment.

According to thinkspace’s founder Peter Chee, “For us, being able to see our customers and for them to see us is an important part of building stronger relationships. This is especially the case, where our customers are not always geographically in the same place as us.”

Currently, thinkspace is not only implementing iMeet within their own business but is now a reseller of iMeet as well. To learn more about thinkspace, watch Chee in a video interview on Fast Company.


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