Digital Nomad Tip #2: Omnipresence. A Special Power for the Rest of Us.

At PGi we’re bringing Star Wars-like technology to life. Thanks to our cloud-based, virtual meeting solutions GlobalMeet® and iMeet® I think we’re fairly close. With a click of the mouse, I can meet face-to-face with my global team in my iMeet Room regardless of where I’m located, get txt reminders when someone is waiting on me and even join via video from my tablet or smartphone while on the road.

I get in the trekky-spirit just thinking about it!

As I prepare for the next 12 months away from the team, I like to think I’m following in PGi’s footsteps with my latest invention: Cor-a-Vision

My cube is on the right, streaming live audio and video of me at my desk and the cube on the left is my team in Atlanta.

Regardless of which continent I’m in, I want to feel as though I’m working side-by-side with my team. With my new set-up, I can pop in my iMeet room at any time to see them, and so can our colleague in Colorado and why not throw in our team in Sydney or London? We’ve done it before.

I understand this might not be the most typical use case, but it meets a need that I haven’t been able to meet with just an audio or web connection. I want that human connection we have when we’re together, that quick, last-minute, on-the-fly collaboration and I want it to be fast and easy.

While I’m away I look forward to witnessing all the impromptu team huddles, taking part in the celebrations and “you got this?” requests and just knowing that they haven’t forgotten about me.

Have you worked outside the office? How have you kept in touch with your team while you’re “away?”

Want your own -a-Vision? Here’s how I did it:

  1. Set up a laptop or computer with internet access
  2. Connect the laptop or computer to a TV or large monitor
  3. Plug a corded or bluetooth webcam into your laptop/computer and position it at the top of the TV
  4. Open up your iMeet Room and drag/drop it to the TV
  5. Use the softphone to connect the audio
  6. Turn on the webcam and may the force be with you.

About Cora R.

Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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