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GlobalMeet and iMeet: Different Tools for Different Meetings

Both GlobalMeet and iMeet provide effective meeting tools, but as you consider the needs of your company, ask yourself how you frequently do business. Do you generally collaborate or do you tend to use a formal agenda? The following table can help you determine whether iMeet or GlobalMeet best suits your company’s meeting types:

Meeting Type iMeet GlobalMeet
Large all hands (full organization) X
Smaller all hands (department) X X
Department meeting X X
Operations meeting X X
Quarterly status X
Monthly status X X
Project status X X
Quarterly earnings call X
IR follow up calls X
Sales call X
Sales call with software demonstration X
Sales team meeting X
Sales presentation X
Customer presentation X X
Customer service evaluation X
Brainstorm session X X
Coaching session X
One-on-one X
Training‚ (various) X X
Interviewing and recruiting X
Annual benefits review/update X

At PGi, we enjoy meetings. We have tremendous tools at our fingertips, and we have fun exploring their extensive business capacities‚ and getting to know each other in the process. Part of the work during our meetings is to identify their characteristics; one insight we have gained is that there are several different meeting types. Different meetings require different tools.

Because people need the right tool for the job, PGi offers two powerful but divergent tools for businesses. GlobalMeet, a conferencing solution for business of any size, provides companies with a complete solution that features audio and web conferencing in a simple, intuitive interface. You choose what you need. You aren’t forced into a web conference if you don’t need it.

The whole system works independently or together, that’s the point. With GlobalMeet, you can host up to 125 people and schedule meetings from an integrated Microsoft Outlook toolbar, even for multiple accounts. With GlobalMeet, you can collaborate, share and edit documents real-time, creating an ideal environment for optimal productivity.

GlobalMeet also enables you to record presentations and distribute them for later use, making it ideal for training sessions that require large numbers of attendees or for companies with meeting participants that span multiple global time zones. Because GlobalMeet provides in-meeting customer support 24x7x365 via email, chat or phone, supported completely within the product interface, no software downloads or visits to external support sites are necessary.

iMeet is an innovative online meeting solution that pushes the boundaries of video conferencing technology. iMeet facilitates meetings for up to fifteen individuals in a sleek interface, its creative tools seamlessly embedded within the solution. A virtual file cabinet with a capacity of up to 250MB allows you to store and share documents‚ including videos and selectively choose privacy settings for individual files. Customers can also choose who attends by adjusting iMeet privacy settings to lock or unlock their iMeet room. And with full social media integration, universally accepted tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are fully accessible and allow attendees to share ideas, naturally brainstorm on the fly and develop relationships.

iMeet is truly a simple, social, fun and productive meeting solution that brings people together to build stronger connections. By forging trust between the owner of the room and meeting attendees, iMeet breaks down barriers and builds relationships. You can use the tools within iMeet to discover more about the people you are meeting with and bring something back to the conversation to build personal connections and create true and authentic interactions—this is something no other video conferencing product can do.

At PGi, we’ve noticed some interesting trends about the meetings we host with participants from over 60 countries around the world included, including

  • PGi hosted 42 million meetings in 2010, which translates to approximately 100,000 meetings hosted each day
  • As of the fourth quarter of 2010, PGi was bringing together 14 million people in four million meetings each month

At PGi, we’ve noticed some interesting trends about the meetings our customers conduct using iMeet and GlobalMeet:

  • iMeet users hold meetings at random days and times, with random numbers of attendees per meeting
  • GlobalMeet users conduct meetings at regularly scheduled days and times, with a more stable number of attendees

The facts aren’t as important as the insights they deliver. Businesses that conduct a large number of impromptu, collaborative meetings generally with fewer attendees‚ hold these meetings casually, usually at unscheduled times. These are often brainstorm sessions and small group project discussions. iMeet might be thought of as the local coffeehouse where you pull together ideas. On the other hand, GlobalMeet is the boardroom and‚ with Active Talker, adds an integrated video functionality that puts you in your “best virtual business suit.”

These are just a few examples of meeting types that organizations conduct internally with employees and externally with customers. Depending on the size of your business and your industry, GlobalMeet may suit your needs better than iMeet or vice versa. Or it may be that you need both tools, depending on your purposes and your audiences. By understanding your company’s essential needs, you can better develop positive, productive communication among your employees; select tools that nurture creativity, collaboration and relationships; and provide flexible tools for new ways of doing business.

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