Video Conferencing Provides Cutting-Edge Advantage for Realtors

Realtors lead the United States in new media and virtual technology adoption. Surf the web and you find realtors all over the world embracing blogs, social media and video to create their own personal brands. In fact, next to celebrities and athletes, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and large organizations like Coldwell Banker lead Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

With the depressed housing and corporate real estate markets, realtors are looking for ways to stand out in the crowd of over 500,000 realtors in the United States alone. Creating digital, face-to-face relationships is the next step with a video collaboration tool like iMeet.

Bridge the gap between web prospects and your personal brand.

When it comes to home searches, the Internet is king. The National Association of REALTORS estimates that 74% of prospective home buyers start their research on the web through search engines, websites, YouTube, Facebook and more. Online competition is incredibly fierce. Google “homes for sale,” and the search provides more than 400,000,000 online options.

With all these online options, agents all over the world create personal brands through blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and advertisements. Today, the only way agents can respond to leads from these sources are phone, email or social posts. And fast responses to online inquiries are vital: If an agent follows up within the first minute, that lead is 391% more likely to result in a sale.

Real estate websites, like Zillow, use live chat functionality to instantly connect with consumers and introduce a human element into the search process. But with the proliferation of live chat, realtors still struggle to set themselves and their properties apart from the competition. Your competitive advantage is iMeet.

With a single click from a website, Facebook, Twitter and advertisements, virtual home seekers can instantly:

Deliver top-of-the-line personal service without the cost.

The real estate communications cycle is a long one, with appointments, emails, voicemails and contract negotiations. iMeet quickens the pace and improves the time to close a deal. Through the use of file sharing and storage, realtors collaborate virtually with brokers, lawyers and financiers to speed the closing process. When clients have questions about a contract or a new build, simply pull up the document and address questions face-to-face before downloading them for virtual signature exchange.

For all the virtual tools inside iMeet (social media monitoring, file sharing, audio bridge, text message notifications, multi-point video for up to 15 people, unlimited guests and your own personal URL) real estate companies and agents spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month on many different technologies. iMeet is easy and incredibly affordable  at about half the cost of your cell phone bill.

How will you use your iMeet room for your real estate business?

  • Guided virtual tours
  • Internal meetings
  • Meetings with non-customer contacts (brokers, agents, advertisers, lawyers)
  • Document delivery
  • Social media updates
  • Convert Internet traffic to live interaction
  • Save travel costs with less in-person meetings and more virtual meetings
  • Show blog posts, videos, pictures
  • Connect and network with colleagues and other agents

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