Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Klout Score

Social media is an increasingly important part of the way we define companies, products and employees. Building online relationships extends your reach of influence, and that’s why PGi integrated social media into its video conferencing tool iMeet – to help people connect socially in a more meaningful way online. For some companies, access and influence to a potential client base can make you a more attractive hire. One of the many tools that are being used to quantify online influence is Klout.

Klout measures your influence on social media platforms, primarily Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are just starting to join social networks or are a seasoned veteran, these three simple tips will be sure to bolster your score on Klout and could even help you snag that next job.

1. Create engaging content

Do you tweet that you are brushing your teeth or feeding your dog? You may feel like everyone is interested in your mundane activities, but I will assure you that you will see limited engagement with these type of posts. Since Klout’s algorithm takes into account mentions, retweets, @replies, comments and likes, focus on sharing interesting and engaging content. What are you passionate about? Educate your network on what invigorates you. If you love green living, then post an article about recycling or teleworking (check out PGi’s @pgi or @pgigreen for examples). Providing more valuable information to your network, will increase your interactions and Klout score.

2. Post more frequently

There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, so adding social media updates to your list is a scary thought. Yes, it is more work, but do not give up without trying. An update could be as simple as clicking the Facebook or Twitter icon on the latest Wall Street Journal or Tech blog you read. Consistency of posts will not only enlighten your audience, but increase your Klout ranking.

3. Join the conversation

Not everyone has the time to find and share interesting and engaging articles online. However, you can still join the conversation. Pick any topic that you feel comfortable with and search for it on Facebook and Twitter. Even if you are not following the person, you can still comment on that post. By entering into these online conversations and providing your opinion, you will set yourself up as a thought leader and attract more followers, mentions, and overall exposure.

Companies are migrating to where their customers are and rethinking who and how they hire to attack this new realm. Capturing that next job requires a more refined resume both on paper and online.What is your Klout score?


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