Web Therapy: It’s for Real… on Showtime

More proof that video conferencing is everywhere: Web Therapy on Showtime.

Lisa Kudrow, of Friends‘ fame, stars as a passive aggressive therapist who can’t bear to meet with her clients in person. Instead she performs her shrink duties via video chat.

The show is hilarious. The characters are slightly bent. And the use of video for therapy isn’t that far out anymore. In fact telemedicine is a topic we’ve written about and think is a trend to watch – particularly as video tools evolve.

All comedy aside, I can see the actual advantages of video conferencing therapy for both patients and therapists:

  • Patients in rural areas gain access to high quality physicians.
  • Better accessibility to highly specialized therapists.
  • What about those with disorders like agoraphobia or disabilities that limit their mobility – video means these folks can still reach qualified mental healthcare professionals.
  • Non-verbal cues are front and center in a video meeting. These body language and non-verbal cues are how people truly communicate and much of what therapists “listen” to during a session.

Would you participate in a web therapy session? Minus the snark of Lisa Kudrow’s character of course.

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