How Video Conferencing Aligns with Benioff‚ Vision For a Social Enterprise

I promised in my #DF11 recap‚ “How to create a powerful social enterprise + win in a sales 2.0 world” that I’d divulge more of my convo about iMeet with Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce. Time to make good on the promise.
As I said before, Gerhard Gschwandnter tee-d up the intro. Marc was interested in the unique capabilities of our video conferencing tool, iMeet, because it aligns with salesforce’s vision for how a social enterprise can use social and mobile technologies in the cloud to engage and collaborate with customers.

Here are some of the unique features within iMeet that make it unusual:

  • You aren’t limited to the 1:1 model. The social enterprise requires business class applications that don’t just serve anyone, anywhere, any time, but many people. That’s where other options like FaceTime and Skype fall short because they limit meetings to only two people. iMeet accommodates up to 15 participants.
  • Only one person needs iMeet. Other web conferencing tools fall short here also. Two people can use FaceTime only if both of them have accounts. But as long as one participant has iMeet, any combination of up to 15 people can jump on a meeting. Plus, iMeet doesn’t require WiFi.
  • iMeet is available anywhere. All you need to access iMeet from any location is a browser‚ smartphone, iPad, laptop, whatever.
  • Upload and share files in real-time during a web meeting. Video conference participants can see the same documents at the same time. Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, whatever; you can even see where another user points his or her mouse. This enhances collaboration and makes for easier, more efficient conversations.
  • Talk “offline” during an online meeting. iMeet’s instant messaging feature allows you to send links to someone else in the meeting or even talk privately with one person while the others talk out loud – something you can’t do in a real-world, face-to-face meeting.

So there you go. What’s your favorite feature?

See here to watch a video on the Social Enterprise Transformation.

Thanks to CMSWireNine Lives Media, Inc., Barry Ritholtz, and, Inc. for information used in this post.



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