The Coworking Revolution

Mobile technology has fundamentally shifted the way people think about work and where they get their work done. Smartphones and virtual meeting products have enabled professionals in every realm of business to be productive, make an impact and still stay connected in ways never experienced before. Our views of the traditional workplace are fading away and being replaced with a brand new vision of what it means to be mobile, global and opportunistic about our business potential.

With this shift in philosophy, partnered with emerging perceptions about what it means to have a true work/life balance, coworking spaces are sprouting up in every corner of the world. In Austin, rumored to be one of the top cities on the globe where people Google in search of coworking spots, Link Coworking is blazing a new trail. Offering a modern, collaborative environment where entrepreneurs and enterprise professionals alike can gain the benefits of this popular trend, and also make connections they’d otherwise miss out on either working from home or walled-up in their offices, Link gives new definition to the mantra “it’s doesn’t matter what you do, it matters what you need.”

Positioned as a “membership club that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space,” Link has become the new workplace for professionals either kicked out of big companies looking to reduce their overhead and office space costs or independents seeking opportunities to collaborate and partner with others. While the initial lure of working from home may to lose its sheen as a sense of isolation, loneliness and even at-home distractions (like children and pets) sets in, coworking spaces empower people to get out of their niche and get exposure to projects, advice and even business opportunities which might have otherwise alluded them. Random collaborations are rampant, new relationship building is common and sources of inspiration run high in well-appointed, professionally-attired coworking spaces such as Link.

When the prospect of outfitting a home office with a printer, copier, scanner, coffee machine, office supplies, conference space where you can meet with clients or customers, etc. appears daunting, coworking spaces allow any professional to show up with little more than a laptop, and – for a base monthly fee – get your daily work done with everything you need provided for you. At Link, you can host a meeting with non-members in one of their many mini-meeting rooms or schedule large, formal presentations in the primary conference room (both behind closed doors for sound proofing and confidentiality). For a breath of fresh air, you can set up on the outdoor patio.

A former Dell professional for 15 years, founder Liz Elam spent 3 years researching and exploring the worldwide coworking phenomenon before opening up her own space in Central Austin. While witnessing the growing use of emerging virtual meeting technologies in her space, she marvels at the beauty of the valuable interactions that happen at Link every day. “It makes me proud to get positive feedback like ‘thank you for making a grown-up coworking space’,” says Liz who chose not to keep her doors open 24 hours. “I’m trying to offer something different. We’re open 9-6, Monday through Friday. We fill a need that hadn’t been met yet in Austin – a professional, welcoming space that offers connectivity, quality human interaction and business partnership potential. Link is a space where people can learn from each other, give references to each other, encourage and run ideas by each other, and link.”

Members pay $200/month to join for a year, and enjoy fast WiFi, polycom phone access, A/V support, a copier/printer/fax machine, free local coffee plus beverages and snacks, concierge and mailbox services, the choice between an open workspace or private meeting rooms, ergonomic seating by Turnstone, easy free parking and the assistance of an in-house intern. New Link coworkers even get a free month’s worth of membership at a nearby premium health club. As for the future, Liz reflects “I see coworking exploding in the next 5 years. Coworking gives people an increase in productivity, thanks to the lessening of distraction at home or a coffeeshop, increased opportunity to network, and greater happiness and freedom.”

Learn more about becoming a member, check the layout, schedule a tour and even reserve meeting rooms online at


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