White Paper: How to Create Windows for Powerful Business Connections with Customers

Economic pressures, technological advances, and market competition have transformed the way salespeople approach the business world- streamlining communication and opening doors to global commerce.

We’ve come a long way from the days of door-to-door salesmen. But the right objectives with the wrong technology leave customers feeling like numbers.

I explore how sales organizations can succeed in this new consumer-buyer era by creating quality customer business connections with the right technology in my new white paper, How to Tear Down the Walls of Traditional Communication Technology and Create Windows for Powerful Connections with Customers. It includes third party research from top experts from Gartner, Selling Power, UCLA, and Vorsight, among others.

An overview:

  • Selling has become faceless.
  • Buyers increasingly ignore traditional technology-enabled attempts to communicate.
  • Subsets of buyers don’t want to make buying decisions without human interaction.
  • Competing products and services appear uniform when viewed online.
  • To overcome these barriers, top performing companies use innovative, personal video collaboration tools to connect with customers in powerful ways.

Download this white paper to learn how video collaboration solutions can transform your sales strategy to bring in more revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction – while mobilizing your sales force within the cloud.


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