Day 2, Part 1: #Shift Recap of the Social IR discussion

On day two of #Shift, a collaborative conversation on investor relations trends, including social media integration in IR communications, created a stir in this historically by-the-book segment. Moderated by Michael Santoli of Barrons, the panel pulled together some very forward thinking and social IR experts including Howard Lindzon, Joshua Brown, Barry Ritholz and Sean O’Brien.

The group discussed the importance of using social media as a channel for IR message distribution and investor engagement. Admittedly, social media adoption in the investor relations space lags behind because of the conservative bent of most in the IR field. However, one of the panelists noted that if the Federal Reserve just issued an RFP for social media monitoring, the industry will soon rally to get on board with this shift.

Our panelists and fellow #Shift attendees shared their views on how to deliver real-time quotes and communicate breaking news while establishing a new authenticity in investor relationships. One of the current roadblocks to IR social media adoption is the question of making legal teams more comfortable with social IR. But as social media takes hold in many other departments, it’s just a matter of time until the IR community embraces this vital trend toward the future.

After all, in the ‘90s, email was not allowed for use in broker/client communications until someone figured out that the whole email thing was here to stay.

This debate continues here on the #Shift blog with our panelists sharing their insights, predictions and social outlooks on the future of “Social IR.” Join the conversation and stay tuned.

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