iMeet brings mobility to video conferencing

The future is today. Teleworkers, virtual workers, road warriors, mobile freelancers, and entrepreneurs are all uniting in their singular need for flexible anytime/anywhere access to communication and connectivity. iMeet provides what the future requires — whenever and wherever you need it.

PGi recently launched the iMeet Mobility Suite, a full range of tools that allow simple, social video meetings you can access remotely. Meetings will always be integral to our work, but communication and connectivity have outgrown the office conference room. They now come directly to you.

A recurring theme at the #ShiftNYC conference was how people are reinventing their professional worlds on their terms. Independent devices that connect workers to one other along with cloud technology have erased boundaries and are opening new possibilities for increased connectivity and productivity. Because iMeet‚ Mobility Suite is built on an HTML5 platform, it works seamlessly with your device‚ browser without application installation. Easy. Simple. Social. Feel free to engage with your colleagues, prospects and customers from the comfort of your life.

Check out the video tutorial below for more information or download the iMeet iPhone and iPad apps in the iTunes Store to experience the future of meetings at your fingertips.



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