#ShiftNYC begins “un-conference” with social enterprise panel

If you’ve been reading the #Shift blog or following our recent event, you know that PGi has been busily deconstructing the world’s present work dynamic and examining new trends that are reshaping our professional identity. In media, in corporate environments, and in consumers’ minds and habits, the status quo is unquestionably changing. The dialogues among our panelists and attendees at last week’s #ShiftNYC conference described and explored an era of change in the work environment that our participants had only dreamed of.

By hosting the #ShiftNYC conference in a space devoted to coworking, we grounded our participants within a new and expanding model of work and productivity. We encouraged new connections and networking opportunities rather than expecting individuals to simply abandon their current, familiar work habits. In truth, today’s global economy anticipates collaboration—a message often reinforced by our panelists in their discussions of social enterprise, creativity, and new media. As proponents of this philosophy, PGi supported this event by exploring current works, new ideas, and friendships within the #ShiftNYC milieu. We found attendees and panelists, and soon ourselves, naming it an “un-conference,” a forum for talking with, not talking to.

So what happened at #ShiftNYC? The event progressed smoothly all week, highlighted by stimulating discussions among all the panelists and attendees. Let’s talk first about our first day and first session, the social enterprise panel:

Incorporating social good is the new business imperative. Smart companies are moving toward social responsibility as a business model and—recognizing that consumers are choosing products and brands that promote social good—are abandoning superficial PR campaigns. #Shift panelists included speakers from Google, Warby Parker, Journey of Action and Next Generation Leadership whose powerful, organic discussions integrated inspired vision and practical advice. Making a difference in the world has become the new priority, and “impact” is the new definition of success. Whether a business is donating money, passing on skills, or creating a platform for social good, their focus is on generating awareness.

The themes of the first #Shift panel were generous giving through product creation and social consciousness. The key, we were reminded, is to check your ego at the door because saving the world can go to your head. The auditorium filled with laughter as everyone acknowledged that, while business for good is good for business, we aren’t Mother Theresa. Failure not only helps keep our egos in check, it’s unavoidable. By sharing your failures with others, you participate in the surrender of you ego and build important relationships. If you don’t share yourself—including your failures and struggles—people will avoid you.

What we recognize as the new age of social enterprise, our panel claimed called the age of the entrepreneur in which the cleverest survive. In the end, the discussion focused once more on relationships and sharing: organizational collaboration is an ingrained core value that prioritizes social good and extends prosperity to all.

And be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more details soon on additional #ShiftNYC panels.



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