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#ShiftNYC Continues with Broadcast and New Media

The second day of the #ShiftNYC event brought with it a generous and intelligent panel including participants from SocialTV, OMD, Social People, Edelman Digital and others speaking on the evolution of media and the new demands of audience engagement. This session discussed social media metrics and how measurement can take our attention away from the bigger picture of relationships. Our panelists debated on how to quantify that success, whether it be through brand loyalty, customer participation and dialog, or social media engagement metrics.

However, we ultimately agreed that there’s no single formula, and that companies must largely determine the combination that’s right for them. While the criteria for measuring success may be nebulous, brands that have discovered the formula are willing to give up a bit of control to focus on brand authenticity and social media experimentation; these are the companies that will weather future challenges more successfully.

The art of storytelling was a prominent theme in the discussions. New media outlets are becoming prominent and relevant, and the end game is no longer what’s on TV: it’s what’s on the third screen that matters now. However, our panel unanimously agreed that social media outlets and truncated communications will not replace traditional storytelling; consumers always prefer being immersed in an experience. As they have in the past, media will enhance and add new meaning to our existing stories. If brands can trust in the value of their products, they will discover how smoothly social media outlets fit into our lives. The bottom line is how to create media that people want to access and share.

Another important theme was how the concept of talent and influence is transforming. Media professionals must adapt skill sets that promote an equitable work-life balance. The new economy means working smarter and harder, with a passion for your work; the challenge of longer hours can be mitigated. Bottom line: if you’re going to operate in today’s environment, you have to create an environment for today.

Perhaps one of the most valuable contributions by our third panel was a recap of what’s working well in today’s new media:

  • Delivery of real value through honest information and without link bait
  • Development of content framed like news stories, communicating to outlets that report on authentic content
  • Passionate creation of firm brand identity shared with a like-minded community

Stay tuned to the PGi Blog for more information and summaries about the final #shiftNYC panels and wrap up!



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