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Greetings from Italia! Last week, we made our way through the Austrian Alps and down to Italy where I will make a stop at our Milan office.  The drive from Norway to Italy has been the highlight of our trip thus far. We’ve seen more tiny villages, green hills and changing leaves than most do in a lifetime and for that we’re feeling extra fortunate to have the opportunity to visit PGi’s EMEA and APAC offices.

Last week I was able to share an account of my good fortune with GigaOm‘s Jessica Stillman, top tech blogger and “Tales from the Trenches” columnist. After GigaOm expressed interest in my journey and the tools I’m using to stay connected, we leapt at the opportunity to share our story.
iMeet was our tool of choice as we dialed in from our respective countries – Jessica in the UK, another from the US and me in Denmark. We met “face-to-face” and quickly got down to business discussing work ethic, my love of the iMeet iPhone app and of course, McDonald’s Wi-Fi.
I appreciated the chance to talk about the future of teleworking with GigaOm and encourage you to check out the full interview here Р Tales from the Trenches РOnline Collaboration.

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Cora Rodenbusch is a Senior Communications Manager at PGi, focusing on internal company communications and company culture.

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